By Jupiduu

Climb on the Jupiduu Rocking Horse and go on a wild ride! Whether they’re leaping on the saddle like a wild cowboy or simply taking a leisurely ride through enchanting landscapes, your child’s blossoming imagination has no limits. The rocking motion helps develop your little one’s motor skills and sense of balance in a playful and fun way.

Designed to be stable and topple-proof, while the embedded footboard and the handle ensure a secure grip during even the most turbulent of rides.

Your Jupiduu Rocking Horse will look right at home in any stylishly decorated nursery, bedroom or living area.

Recommended for ages 1 1/5 years - 4 years

Size: 30cm (W) x 30cm (H) x 75cm (L)

Designed by the renowned design studio F. A. Porsche

CAUTION: Please supervise your children while the rocking horse is in use, and only clean it using a slightly damp cloth.

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