Leander Linea Cot Mattress

Leander Linea Cot Mattress

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The Leander Comfort +7 mattresses are made by Europe’s leading mattress manufacturer Traumeland in Austria and offer unsurpassed ventilation and comfort for your baby. They are made from high-quality cold-pressed foam with drilled air channels and two weight-specific sides; one for your baby and one for your toddler.

The zip-off, the breathable cover has in-built wetness protection and is fully divisible so you only have to wash the soiled half.

INCLUDES: One Comfort +7 mattress with washable cover

The Leander Comfort+7 mattress has excellent sleep comfort thanks to the mattress core of pressure-relieving cold foam. The Comfort+7 is a comfortable, 2-sided, twist mattress adjusted to baby and toddler. The cover is with integrated wetness protection.

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