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Please note this is a pre-order item and turnaround time is approximately 6 weeks.

Modern baby crib from &me is inspired on vintage baby cribs.

This handmade baby crib made of metal creates a classic, timeless look for your nursery. This design piece is the perfect investment for the modern baby nursery, which doubles as perfect storage until it can be passed down and used for your next child!

The crib is baby friendly and mum friendly. It has a higher distance from the ground than normal cribs to safe your back, fully designed regarding health regulations.

Designed in the way that you can see the baby from all the sides. It is possible to close parts of the crib with a wool felt protection bumper. This is handy for babies that tend to lie against the sides. Normal crib bedsheets can be used.

Delivered with:
Mattress (45 x 80 cm) with rounded corners.
100% wool felt protection bumper for sides of bed (dark grey, light grey and off white).
Baby mobile holder.
Wooden stand.

Product Details:
Color: Charcoal Grey.
Measurements: Crib: 80 x 45 x 40 cm. Base height: 60cm. From ground till top crib 100cm.
Materials: White coated steel, FSC beech wood and felt.
Handmade in the Netherlands.

Fun, green and timeless! All &me products are handmade in the Netherlands using only natural, sustainable products, that are good for your little ones and the planet.

Their focus is on simple, educational yet fun learning following many of the Montessori principles of how children learn. Their designs/toys will last for years and when the children are done with them they can be passed on again.


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