MRS MIGHETTO Wall Friends Paper Mobile Gift Box Miss Astrid

By Mrs Mighetto

$45.00 $65.00
Direct from Sweden - Miss Astrid by Mrs Mighetto, is an original character from the acclaimed collection titled "The End of the Forest"

This exquisite (double-sided) Paper Mobile is shaped as Flying Sparrow on 1100 GR matte paper, with three wooden balls on a silky grey ribbon and finished with a tiny golden bell.

It is packed in a fine gift box in silk paper, with a story-card and cute temporary tattoos!

Hang it as a mobile or as a sweet wall hanging! Hang it in a window or from the ceiling. Perfect on your photo wall, over the bed or in a canopy.

DIMENSIONS: 60cm tall, 15cm wide
Limited Edition Gift Box Set
Props are not included

Astrid has the invisible power to conjure up and spread imagination. The higher she swings, the further her power reaches. Before Astrid’s eyes, her flowing imagination streams out like stars. Small glittering stars. But these stars are not visible to all. Because imagination works on a higher plane - beyond the reach of normal sight – and helps us learn new things. Astrid knows that she can never stop swinging because it takes so much imagination to evoke magical worlds
There are no shortcuts that will take you there. Nor is there any way back once you finally arrive. The Land in the Sky is the final destination. But only for the chosen few.

The story of this mythical land is well known throughout the forest. The story of what happens at the end of the forest. For millennia the entrance has been protected by seasoned, valiant guards, all of whom possess special gifts. It’s also watched over by the boy who never sleeps, by the roe deer who sees into the future and by the enormous creature who knows ways no one else knows.

Deep within the Land in the Sky, twelve islands float weightlessly. There, you’d do well to find a friend with wings to help you move between the different islands. Charlie lives on Green Sconce Island and knows the paths that run between springtime and winter. On the Isle of Knowledge you’ll meet Vera, who offers comfort when you’ve lost something or someone from the other side, while her soulmate Alice watches this world that seems to be the best-kept secret of all the ages.


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