Pretend Me Away Print

By Sara Winfield

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The print is from original work by Perth Artist Sara Winfield.

**Prints will be available in approximately 2 weeks from purchase.

Printed on 300gsm textured Canson rag paper.  This print is unmounted.

Size:  A4, A3, A2

SARA WINFIELD is a West Australian artist and designer, currently based in Perth, WA. After studying art through school, with a distinct focus on textile and garment construction, Sara pursued her tertiary studies in Fashion and Textile Design. It was here she realised her love for illustrations and painting, leaving her course upon encouragement by her tutors to pursue her profession as an artist. 

Entranced with line and colour, Sara's artworks are in a way, an extension of herself, inspired by internal feelings and emotions, ultimately creating the founding subject of her work. Driven by her personal ambition to live a happy, fulfilling life, and to always be creating, the artist channels her creative energies into her works, featuring her signature doe eyed girls with large, watery eyes, white hair and pouty mouths - each filled with the same female energy that extends from the artist herself. Since founding her profile as an artist in 2012, Sara has achieved a selection of milestones including holding three solo exhibitions, received a public commission at 140 Perth and has created artwork for model and interiors blogger Rebecca Judd. 


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