Rafa-Kids B Bench - Natural (120cm)

By Rafa Kids


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Toddlers like to play on the floor a lot. Racing, building, lying or rolling… That’s why we created this simple B bench, which can be explored in many ways by children. Imagine it as a table in the middle of a room. Your child can draw on it or use it for other activities. Under it, there is plenty of space to put baskets, boxes or a little suitcase. That’s not all. It is of course easy to sit, and try to put your little shoes on. Or climb it to grab something from above.

The simple design of this bench makes this furniture perfect to use from early years into adultness.

Can you imagine it in your hall way or bathroom?  There are plenty of possibilities to use this bench around your house and not only for the children!

Designer:       Agata & Arek Seredyn

Brand:            Rafa-kids

Country:         The Netherlands

Material :        100% Finnish Birch plywood

Dimension:     120cm long – height 36cm – width 33cm

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