Often items will be made available for sale on our website as a PRE-ORDER. This means the stock hasn't arrived to us as yet, although, we are offering it for pre-sale, to allow you to secure the stock.

We do this with high demand items to give you the opportunity to secure these products. These items will be marked as PRE-ORDER, with an estimated month of arrival listed in the item description. 

Some important information regarding PRE-ORDERS:

If you purchase an item on pre-order, you will still receive a confirmation of your order right away. You will hear from us again when the item is in stock and ready to ship, we will then send you shipping confirmation. If your pre-ordered item requires additional shipping, as per the product description, we will be in contact once the item is ready to ship to arrange this. No extra shipping charges will be incurred until your item is ready to ship.

You do not need to follow this up, we promise we haven't forgotten you. The estimated month for arrival is approximate only and is provided to us by our third party, e.g. A distributor, a shipping company or the brand itself.

Delays can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the weather at sea and whether the cargo has been delayed. We do apologise in advance if you experience any delays with pre-orders. As per our policy above, pre-orders are non refundable, although, we do offer a store credit.

We offer items for pre-order to allow you to secure high demand products. We give the time frames in good faith, although, this is outside of our control and sometimes can change. If your order is time sensitive we suggest purchasing something in stock and ready to ship.

Any estimated arrival dates cannot be guaranteed as many factors outside of our control can effect them. Please rest assured we will ship your PRE ORDER item in our next delivery date of receiving it into our warehouse.

We are not able to cancel or refund any PRE-ORDERS for incorrect estimated dates of arrival outside of our control. We will notify you of any changes, but your order will remain.

If you order more than one item, and any one of the items are a PRE-ORDER, your entire order won't be shipped until everything is in stock. This is important to note. If there are other items you wish to receive right away please place two separate orders, one for the PRE-ORDER item and one for the others.