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Discover the world of Main Sauvage, and their delightful array of cuddly companions!

Crafted with thoughtful care, they're all about bringing a giggle to your little one's day with expressive, fun, and oh-so-charming toys. Beauty and sensitivity are sewn into every stitch.

And because we love Mother Earth as much as we love playful design, each creation is spun from the most ecological and sustainable magic we can muster.

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You and your tiny treasure are going to be head over heels for our oh-so-adorable range of newborn essentials. We've curated a collection of must-haves designed to wrap your newborn in comfort and safety during those precious first few months.


Baby Essentials, the ultimate treasure trove of goodies your little one needs for a joy-filled, wholesome kick-off to life. These are the pieces that sprinkle magic into everyday moments, for wonder & play, perfect for family hangs, for letting little kids be little.


All the goodies your mini-me needs to conquer their toddlerhood with style and a big grin. From brain-boosting toys to mealtime essentials that are perfect for little hands. Our essentials for modern childhood, all in one place.



Discover our delightful range of storage solutions designed specifically for your little ones.


From playful table lamps to night lights, we have the perfect piece to brighten up your child's space.


Create a cozy and stylish spot for your babe to relax with our collection of children's bean bags.

our story so far...

Welcome to Hello Little Birdie!

Born out of a desire to create spaces for your little babes that are loved by the whole family, we offer a collection of early childhood essentials that inspire your minis to embrace their creativity and dream big.

We create corners in the everyday where life moves to its own rhythm, where wonder and play come together. For newborn snuggles. For family hangs. For letting little kids be little. 

Born as a small idea at a kitchen table, Hello Little Birdie is deeply grounded in the joy of early childhood. For us, there’s simply nothing more magical than those early years with your little humans, when the ordinary is made extraordinary.

We hand pick each and every collection. Our pieces are made to be loved, lived in and passed on to little brothers and sisters, tiny besties or mini pen pals. 

So, come join us, hang out a while, and let your imagination run wild. 


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Splish splash! Make bath time fun for your little one with our range of bath toys, guaranteed to provide hours of bath time fun in the tub for your babes.


Introduce your child to the world of imagination and creativity! Our dolls make the perfect little besties for your babes, guaranteeing hours of fun.


Bring the magic of music to your mini’s playtime! Durable enough to withstand the energy of little musicians, our musical toys will let them rock out like never before. 


Get ready to have some serious fun with our wooden toys! Made from eco-friendly, durable and safe materials, our wooden toys promote creativity & imagination while providing hours of fun!