Maileg Mouse Baby Sleepy-Wakey girl - Hello Little Birdie

Maileg Mouse Baby Sleepy-Wakey Ros

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The Maileg baby sleepy wakey rose mouse is ready for dreamland.  Bundle her up in the warm sleeping bag and tuck her into the little matchbox.  Come morning time, she is bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for adventures in little pockets.

The matchbox is made to reuse in play, so is made from a sturdy cardboard and has a wonderful vintage design on the outside.  You can use it as a bed for the mice or a safe place to keep them when you have finished playing. 

The mice are great for encouraging the imagination and would make a lovely gift.

Maileg baby sleepy wakey mouse in a box includes:

  • 8cm long baby girl mouse.  100% cotton and polyester fibre filling.  The baby mouse has a pink spotted body with a lace detail around the neckline.  The face has been hand embroidered with one side featuring an awake eye and the other a sleepy eye.  The inner part of the ear has a soft, velour type material. 

  • blue and white striped cotton sleeping bag

  • 9cm x 7cm x 3cm sturdy cardboard vintage inspired matchbox 

Handwash only 30 C