A lil' chat with Chloe + Olivia, founders of Olli Ella

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Meet the architects of childhood wonder!

Olli Ella doesn't just create toys and homewares; they weave a little bit of magic for little ones the world over. Using only sustainably sourced materials, they handcraft super playful and timeless pieces for your minis. Proudly sporting a B Corp Certification, Olli Ella is now a household name, made famous for their loveable Dinkum dolls, handcrafted rattan baskets and see-ya suitcases.

We sat down for a little chat with founders Chloe & Olivia, and stepped into the magical world of Olli Ella, where imagination always comes to play!

What inspired you to start Olli Ella?

As children, we dreamed of creating something magical together. From early inventions involving well-intentioned scrawls in notebooks, to setting up shops in our bedroom, we have been manifesting this dream our entire lives. We grew up to be designers and mothers, and Olli Ella was born.

As founders, what has been your proudest moment?

When Harrods picked Olli Ella up in our first year – they were one of our first retailers, in fact!

What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?

Love what you do, the road will be rocky so you better enjoy it!

What’s a fun fact about Olli Ella that not many people know?

That we started off making nursing chairs! In fact, Olli Ella started because I couldn’t find a contemporary-looking nursing chair for our home when I was pregnant with my first child. So we designed one!

All time fave Olli Ella piece?

The Luggy will forever be a favourite of mine. I designed it when my eldest child Nika was 1 and she took it everywhere with her, always filled to the brim. It’s a product that has resonated with so many children and parents and I think will do so for many years to come - Olivia

the Dinky Dinkums – teeny tiny handfuls of delight! They are so small and cute! - Chloe

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