Cool, Creative Spaces for your Little One on World Art Day!

Posted by Chloe Kilgour on

This week marks world art day! A celebration of creativity, curiosity and cultural diversity the world over.

We're obsessed with art in all its forms, it's such a powerful took for our little ones to learn how to express themselves, discover the world around them and develop their creativity. And so we wanted to take a moment to recognise all the wonderful artists we work with here at Hello Little Birdie, whose works help to create kids' spaces that spark imaginations and instil a sense of wonder every day!

We hope this little reminder inspires you to indulge your family's own creativity this weekend, maybe over some leftover choccy bunnies enjoying the last of that autumn sunshine. 

Need a little inspiration to create a cool art-friendly space for your little ones? we've got you covered.

  • Choose artworks that are reflective of your little one's interests, be it their fave colour, animal or story, and build around that! 
  • Start with their own art - embrace their little masterpieces and display them for the world to see! We’ve been so inspired by the gallery walls and framed collages we’ve been seeing all over Pinterest (check out our page for more inspo!)


  • Don’t just stop at prints, explore different art forms and look for inspiration everywhere - hang postcards, greeting cards, blankets and textiles.
  • Let your little ones get involved in the creative process, it will make them feel a little bit more like the space is their own
  • Have fun - art doesn’t have to be serious!

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