Clearing the Chaos of Home Learning

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It’s 9:50 on a Monday morning.

The kids are still in their pyjamas, breakfast dishes are still on the table. Your partner has long disappeared to their “office” at the other end of the house.

Your eldest has decided that PE is the only subject they want to participate in. By PE, they mean the physical movement they get from Tik Tok dances.

The youngest has decided that they don’t like their teacher this year and refuses to do any learning until they can get a new one.

You’re desperately trying to finish your makeup and get a pretty shirt on so that at least your top half looks presentable in your 10am team Zoom call.

Your laptop has decided to update 5 minutes before that Zoom call is due to start.

Welcome to work and school life in 2020. Thanks to COVID 19, working from home and home- schooling or distance learning, has become the norm for many people.

It’s more than fair to say that not many of us were prepared to start juggling our careers, everyday life routines, and guiding the kids through distance learning, all from home!

Here’s the good news.

Even though it might seem chaotic at the best of times and that the madness will never end, a little organisation of your home office and learning spaces can go a long way towards helping you establish a new routine that appeases the entire household!

We think the perfect place to start is setting up a quiet and calm, dedicated space for each person, away from any distractions, where schoolwork can be focused on, deadlines can be met, and a daily schedule can be posted and followed.

What does every workspace need first? A desk, of course.  And we’ve got you covered with our gorgeous range of pop up desks. Practical and stylish with a Scandi inspiration, our desks are suitable for both adults and children.

Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit any décor, all of our desks are made from high- quality materials that are easy to clean and the optional risers allow for a combination of shelves that give you plenty of storage while not compromising on space.

The best part is that these desks are designed to easily fold up and down, so if you need to move them around the house to have that Zoom call in private, you can easily do so! And, if you’re short on space, they are easy to assemble and disassemble to be stored away when school’s out.

They pair beautifully with our junior stools and bamboo bookcases too!  Shop the links below and get working and learning from home during COVID 19, sorted in style!

How are you finding working and learning from home at this time? Drop us a comment below with any tips you might have!

pop up desk

 pop up desk

pop up desk

pop up desk

pop up desk

pop up desk

View our full range of Pop Up Desks here.

Stylist: Mel @hellolittlebirdie

Photogarphy: Spurlo Style Photography

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