In Conversation with Ted + Tone

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We sat down for a cup of tea with Esther Schuivens, the female founder and creative mastermind behind Ted + Tone. Full of personality and character, Esther's work is printed in the Netherlands on recycled paper and adds a touch of charm to any space.

Tell us the story behind Ted + Tone...

This year marks my 20th anniversary of working for myself. I started back in 2003 by hand-making dolls, which I sold and hand delivered locally. The brand grew organically and after a few years we'd expanded our range to include music boxes, dummy holders and a whole collection of beautiful children's goods. After 14 years it felt like it was time for a change, I longed for more creativity and freedom. Paper has always been my biggest love, and this medium has given me carte blanche to explore. And so I founded Ted + Tone. To think that my work is now in Australia through Hello Little Birdie makes me feel very lucky.

What's been your proudest moment so far...

One of my prints is very special to me. 'Taking Care' was made when my girls were going through a difficult time, and all I could do was take care of them and have faith. Knowing that this piece has so much meaning adds a special layer to my work.

What is your favourite Ted + Tone product...

The Bear Moods print is my absolute favourite. It was so much fun to make and each face really surprised me as I was creating them. I laughed through the whole creative process.

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